An Indianapolis-based technology consulting firm has received an $8 million contract from the Department of Defense. The contract calls for KSM Consulting to develop a smart tool that will help improve and monitor the supply chain of microelectronic components.

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division awarded the contract to KSM Consulting to design a prototype that will use artificial intelligence to track the acquisition and supply of microelectronics that are used in a variety of military technology.

KSM says it will develop a method to use multiple data points to help suppliers use predictive analysis to determine supply needs and outcomes.

“Sophisticated data science methodologies continue to prove their worth supporting meaningful innovation for the government. We hope this custom tool will assist the Navy in making critical decisions that protect the nation’s microelectronic supply chain,” said John Roach, chief revenue officer of KSM Consulting.

Under the terms of the agreement, KSM Consulting is expected to deliver its prototype by 2020.