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(stock image courtesy: USDA/Lance Cheung)

Having been cancelled last year because of the pandemic, the Indiana Farm Equipment and Technology Expo is set to go next week, and it’ll be at a new location. Show owners Hoosier Ag Today and MidCountry Media Inc. have moved the 42-year-old event to Grand Park Sports Campus in Westfield.

The farm show offers seminars and some of the latest technology available to farmers. Organizers say the three-day event will focus on climate change and the evolution of plant genetics and artificial intelligence.

“Farmers are having to adapt to changing climate and market conditions as well as environmental regulations and consumer buying trends. All of these will require a retooling of farm production and management,” said Gary Truitt, president, and producer of the event. “The show will give producers, both large and small, the information they will need to adjust to the changing future of agriculture and expose them to the tools available to enable them to thrive in a post-pandemic economy.”

Truitt says the new location offers easy access and free parking. More than 150 exhibitors will be showcasing their products, including farm equipment and technology.

The event runs Tuesday through Thursday. Click here to learn more.