Indianapolis-based BioStorage Technologies Inc. will play a role in a plan to develop China's first national biobank. The company will serve as a technical consultant with its partner BGI-Shenzhen on the China National Genebank project. October 29, 2013

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – BioStorage Technologies, a global provider of comprehensive sample management solutions for the bioscience industry, announced today that through its partnership with the BGI-Shenzhen, the company will provide technical consulting services to the China National Genebank (CNGB) for the development of China's first national biobank.

Established by BGI-Shenzhen and supported by the Chinese government, the CNGB is committed to developing a biobank consortium across China and an expanding worldwide network to provide better support for global data sharing and exchange of biobank best practices, including biobank construction, genomics research and data acquisition. The CNGB has a goal to store 30 million biological, animal and agricultural samples collected from research institutions, universities and hospitals in China.

“BioStorage Technologies is honored to be selected as a partner on one of the largest genomic biobanks in the world,” said Greg Swanberg, CEO, BioStorage Technologies. “The combination of our proprietary technological platforms with BGI's scientific and data capabilities provides the CNGB with the global capabilities required to be a vital asset to the research industry.”

Physical samples stored within the CNGB biobank will be used to serve scientific research and potential industrialization, such as translational medicine, breeding and new energy exploration. BioStorage Technologies' capabilities in comprehensive sample management including the development of best practices for biorepository operations and global technology platforms provide an ideal alliance partner for the CNGB.

“The CNGB is dedicated to supporting the growth of the genomics industry within China by developing the world's largest collection of biological samples to advance new and innovative research,” said Dr. Yong Zhang, Director of CNGB. “As the global leader in sample management, BioStorage Technologies was selected as our strategic partner based on their ability to provide technical sample management consulting, process leadership and innovative technology solutions.”

As a trusted partner to many of the industry's largest biopharmaceutical companies, BioStorage Technologies manages the complete lifecycle of biological samples used in medical research. From early-phase discovery to late-phase drug development, BioStorage Technologies is focused on reducing sample management risks and costs by providing consulting, innovative technology and flexible service model solutions.

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About BioStorage Technologies, Inc.:

BioStorage Technologies, Inc. is the premier, global provider of comprehensive sample management solutions for the bioscience industry. Offering flexible onsite, offsite and hybrid models for the smartsourcing of research assets, BioStorage Technologies provides a complete life-cycle of sample management solutions. With an expert team of global sample consultants, industry-leading temperature-controlled storage facilities, and state-of-the-art virtual sample management and bioprocessing solutions, the company supports its customers in maximizing opportunities, minimizing risk and reducing costs. BioStorage Technologies, Inc. is a privately held, global corporation. For more information, visit or call +1 866 697 2675 for North America, +49 6155 898 1011 for Europe or +65 31576199 for Singapore or +86 10 8587 2390 for China.

About CNGB-Shenzhen:

Established by BGI-Shenzhen, the China National Genebank (CNGB) is the first national genebank integrating a large-scale bio-repository and genomics database. It is approved by National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and local government, National Health and Family Planning Commission, with the mission of collecting, preserving and exploiting genomics resources, so as to build a network fostering global communication and collaboration on biodiversity conservation and genetic resources utilization. In addition, backed up by BGI's high-throughput sequencing and bio-informatics capacity, CNGB will not only provide a repository system for biological collection, but more importantly a novel platform to further understand genomics mechanisms of life.

Source: BioStorage Technologies Inc.

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