Virtual Vocations has named two Indiana cities to its list of the Top 10 Cities for Remote Work in 2021. The job board says the list identifies U.S. cities with the best opportunities to work remotely while also enjoying a flexible, well-rounded personal life. Fort Wayne ranks No. 8 and South Bend is No. 9 on the list.

“2021 is a unique year for remote work,” said Laura Spawn, Virtual Vocations chief executive officer and co-founder. “After the events of 2020, employers and employees alike have come to value the flexibility and viability of remote work as a way to keep employees engaged and productive as well as businesses running, no matter what unforeseen challenges arise.”

To create the list, Virtual Vocations says it utilized a weighted importance scoring model format to rank locations based on nine evaluation points.

The factors include:

  • Availability of In-State Remote Jobs (20%)
  • Quality of High-Speed Internet Coverage (20%)
  • Total Tax Burden (15%)
  • Real Estate Affordability (10%)
  • Cost of Living (10%)
  • Best for Business (10%)
  • Access to Green Spaces (5%)
  • Ability to Pursue Outdoor Adventure (5%)
  • Proximity to Restaurants and Bars (5%)

“As employees push to continue working remotely, it has become apparent that many also want the freedom to relocate to more family-friendly or economically feasible areas of the country,” said Spawn. “Highlighting optimal remote work locations throughout the U.S. for current jobseekers and remote workers is an important part of Virtual Vocations’ mission of bringing continued awareness to data and the benefits of remote work.”

The report names Hickory, North Carolina, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Moline/Rock Island, Illinois in the No. 1, 2 and 3 spots, respectively.

You can connect to the full report by clicking here.

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