Dr. Adam Hahs and Kim Strunk

Hopebridge Autism Therapy Centers has appointed Dr. Adam Hahs (pictured) chief science officer, Jana Sarno to chief clinical officer and Kim Strunk (pictured) to head of clinical strategy.

The new executive appointments form to create a clinical department unparalleled in the behavioral health industry. Hopebridge Founder Kim Strunk, will join Hahs and Sarno in driving the multi-state organization towards enhanced clinical outcomes and value-based healthcare.

Hahs will be responsible for driving the company’s research initiatives. He was appointed the position after a year of exemplary leadership as VP of clinical services, notably leading Hopebridge’s participation in the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement, as well as heading up exclusive continuing education opportunities for clinicians like PEAK training. Hahs’ has been fundamental in the development of one of the largest clinical supervision programs in the industry, the Hopebridge Fellowship Program, as well as driving initiatives for large internal and external research initiatives in the behavioral health space. Prior to joining Hopebridge, Hahs was director of the MSABA Program in the Department of Psychology at Arizona State University and was the President of the Arizona Association for Behavior Analysis. Dr. Hahs earned a Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale where his research and clinical foci were language generativity, complex human behavior, and clinical behavior analysis with individuals with autism spectrum disorder, traumatic brain injuries, and addiction.

Sarno will oversee and direct all aspects of clinical training, service-delivery, and strategic planning for Hopebridge and provide services based on the principles of ABA therapy as chief clinical officer. Proceeding this position, she served as AIM Clinics’ CCO. She currently participates in grant-funded research and regularly presents at state, national, and international behavior analysis/school psychology conferences. In service to the larger community, Sarno volunteers on the Board of Directors for the Illinois Association for Behavior Analysis (ILABA), chairing the Legislative Affairs Committee that focuses on governmental relationships, grassroots advocacy, and increasing access to ABA through legislative change. Most recently, Sarno joined other industry experts in developing The Council of Autism Service Providers Organizational Guidelines.

Hopebridge’s recent acquisition of AIM Clinics will allow the Hopebridge and AIM centers to increase access to high-quality autism care for children across the country through a shared commitment to core values. With a combined presence of over 100 locations across 12 states, this partnership brings together the combined strengths and will help serve a wider audience. Together, Hopebridge will be able to bring its revolutionary 360 Care services to AIM clinics, providing patients with access to speech-language, occupational, feeding and ABA therapy, all in one location.

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