Two Indiana schools have been ranked among the "World’s Most Innovative Universities," according to Reuters. The news service used several metrics to determine the rankings, including patent volume, patent success and industry article citation impact.

Purdue University came in at number 33, followed by Indiana University at 37. No other Indiana institutions were ranked.

Reuters says it looked for the institutions that published the most articles in scholarly journals and cross-referenced those with the number of patents filed by the institutions during the same time period. Each university was also evaluated on various criteria, including how often a patent application was granted, how many patents were filed with global patent offices and local authorities and how often the university’s patents were cited by others. 

"Our 2016 results show that big breakthroughs – even just one highly influential paper or patent – can drive a university way up the list, but when that discovery fades into the past, so does its ranking," said Reuters. "According to our findings, consistency is key, with truly innovative institutions putting out groundbreaking work year after year."

Stanford University topped the list, followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, the University of Texas and the University of Washington. You can connect to the full list and methodology by clicking here.

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