Three Indiana cities are ranked among the top 10 in the nation for having the lowest cost of living. The rankings from were determined by metrics including home value, rent, gas prices and property taxes.

Fort Wayne and Evansville are ranked numbers one and two, respectively, for the second consecutive year. South Bend improved three spots to number 3 on the list as well. Indianapolis also improved its ranking this year, moving up seven spots to number 18. uses numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics to determine the rankings. The full list of factors is: Home Value to Income Ratio, Median Effective Property Tax, Median Home Value, Median Rent,  Monthly Housing Cost to Income Ratio, CPI Gas Index, CPI Grocery Index and Rent to Income Ratio.

You can learn more about the methodology used to determine the list by clicking here. The Top 25 Cities with the Lowest Cost of Living includes:

  1. Fort Wayne, Indiana
  2. Evansville, Indiana
  3. South Bend, Indiana
  4. Topeka, Kansas
  5. Toledo, Ohio
  6. Wichita, Kansas
  7. Akron, Ohio
  8. Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  9. Davenport, Iowa
  10. Springfield, Illinois
  11. Rochester, Minnesota
  12. Dayton, Ohio
  13. Springfield, Missouri
  14. Wichita Falls, Texas
  15. Kansas City, Kansas
  16. Odessa, Texas
  17. Cleveland, Ohio
  18. Indianapolis, Indiana
  19. Abilene, Texas
  20. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  21. Montgomery, Alabama
  22. Lansing, Michigan
  23. Des Moines, Iowa
  24. Brownsville, Texas
  25. Warren, Michigan
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