With home-buying season underway, a national analysis of the 20 Hottest Markets For Real Estate is including two Indiana cities. April’s list from Realtor.com is once again topped by San Francisco.

Lafayette is 16th and Fort Wayne is 17th. Each have been included in the list previously this year. In January, Fort Wayne placed 20th and in March, Lafayette also came in at the end of the Top 20.

This month’s list is:

  1. San Francisco, CA
  2. Vallejo, CA
  3. Denver, CO
  4. Santa Rosa, CA
  5. San Jose, CA
  6. Dallas, TX
  7. Santa Cruz, CA
  8. Sacramento, CA
  9. Ann Arbor, MI
  10. Columbus, OH
  11. Boston, MA
  12. Colorado Springs, CO
  13. San Diego, CA
  14. Stockton, CA
  15. Raleigh, NC
  16. Lafayette, IN
  17. Fort Wayne, IN
  18. Oxnard, CA
  19. Modesto, CA
  20. Sioux City, IA

You can connect to the full list by clicking here.

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