The Indiana Homeland Security Foundation has awarded nearly $375,000 in grants to fire, police and emergency medical agencies throughout the state. The funding will support projects including new equipment and training.

October 7, 2013

News Release

The Indiana Homeland Security Foundation has approved $373,804.72 in grant funding to local fire departments, law enforcement agencies and emergency medical services (EMS).

The focus of the foundation is to support the future of the public safety and to provide grant funding to local agencies for critical public safety needs across Indiana. Grants are provided up to $4,000. Public safety agencies are eligible to apply for projects such as:

• Equipping emergency responders with personal protective equipment

• Acquiring equipment for use by emergency responders

• Providing radios and technology equipment

• Training for emergency responders

Below is the county and department breakdown of the grant funding amount and purpose of those funds. Information provided is from each agency’s application.


• Aboite Township Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. received $4,000 to purchase a Live-Fire Extinguisher System for training. The current system in use is time-consuming, expensive and limits the number of trainees at one time. The new technology will allow different levels of training for trainees and is safe, low-cost, reusable and environmentally friendly.


• Harrison Township Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. received $3,287.49 to purchase a suction unit and plastic vehicle extrication cribbing kit. Cribbing is used to stabilize objects. With the vehicle kit, Harrison Township’s plan is to safely stabilize wrecked vehicles.

• Hope Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. received $4,000 to purchase a backup generator for the new fire station. The department plans to make the new fire house a disaster relief site and to do that it will be highly important to have a backup generator to help assist the community.

• Southwest Bartholomew Volunteer Fire Department, Inc received $4,000 to purchase Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) gear. The new gear will replace gear that is 14 years old.


• The Town of Zionsville Fire Department received $4,000 to provide funds for the implementation of a county-wide firefighter accountability system. The Personnel Accountability Safety System (PASS) is sets of standards of responsibility for all individuals operating in a hazard zone. It will provide a method of accounting for location of team members during an incident.


• Cass County received $3,200 to purchase Emergency Operation Center (EOC)/Incident Command System (ICS) interface program and emergency responders 911 notification system. The 911 notification system will send out tones to emergency response agencies and will also send text messages and emails to notify them about a call. The EOC/ICS interface will allow for better communication and coordination to the emergency responders in the field.


• The City of Charlestown Police Department received $3,369 to purchase a handheld thermal image monocular. This is used to search for lost, missing or wanted people in low-light areas. A thermal imager is especially critical when locating people with mental or medical needs.

• The City of Jeffersonville Fire Department received $4,000 to purchase a chemical detection monitor. With the hazardous material detector meter, the department and future hazmat teams can protect responders and citizens from exposure.


• The Clay County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) received $4,000 to purchase portable lighting and batteries for message boards. The portable light unit will allow the agency to illuminate areas during accidents and hazardous situations. The batteries will be used to operate the message board signs that are used during events, road closures or detours.

• The Lewis Township Volunteer Fire Company Inc. received $4,000 to upgrade its extrication pump to increase the ability to remove patients from vehicles, farm machinery or other equipment where people may become trapped. This is an update to the 10-year-old pump the company is currently using.


• The Rossville Volunteer Fire Department Inc. received $3,975 to purchase new boots for its firefighters. Older boots will be replaced that are more than 10 years old and are leaking. With this purchase, the department will provide a safer working environment for firefighters.


• The Bright Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. received $3,839.34 to purchase six tablet computers with protective cases. The tablets will be used to outfit the fire trucks with quick and accurate information for their territory and mutual aid response area. The company is using multiple binders full of information that have to be updated consistently.


• The City of Muncie Police Department received $3,994.53 to purchase traffic safety vests. The replacement of 47 vests will provide an increase in safety for citizens and officers.

• The Town of Daleville Police Department received $3,400 to purchase four law enforcement body cameras. The department’s first responders will be equipped with the body cameras and will increase efficiency and accountability in operations.


• The Ireland-Madison Township Volunteer Fire Department received $4,000 to purchase a thermal imaging camera so firefighters can check for hot spots after a fire has been put out. The camera can also be used in search and rescue missions.


• The Elkhart County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) received $3,870 to purchase a portable air conditioning unit for its Emergency Operation Center (EOC). The EOC is located in a warehouse and there are concerns about higher temperatures in the summer months and the effect warmer weather could have on the staff working in the facility. The air conditioning unit will provide a better work environment.


• The City of Connersville Fire Department received $3,785.28 to purchase personal protection equipment. The protection equipment includes a coat and pants also known as turn-out gear.


• The Georgetown Township Fire Protection District received $3,825 to purchase 17 new pairs of structural firefighting boots. The new boots will replace old worn out protective equipment and bring the department up to National Fire Protection Association standards.


• The City of Attica Police Department received $4,000.00 to purchase four mobile traffic radar units. These units will replace outdated and failing traffic radar units. With the new units, the police department will better serve and protect citizens while on public roadways.


• The Aubbeenaubbee Township received $3,963 to purchase replacement of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Cylinders. This will provide protection to certified emergency responders from hazardous environments. The SCBA cylinders have a 15-year life span, and the new cylinders will be replacing 14-year-old units.


• The City of Oakland City Fire Department received $3,875 to purchase narrow banded communication equipment. These radios will ensure the ability to communicate with team members during exercises and response to emergency situations.

• The Francisco Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. received $4,000 to purchase six Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) cylinders. The cylinders will replace old ones that are 15 years old and have reached expiration.

• The Gibson County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) received $4,000 to purchase mast type antenna for its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) mobile unit. The mast will allow for immediate set up and will maintain sustainability of current capabilities.


• The Gas City Fire Department received $3,780 to purchase a high and low pressure hose, face piece and a 60-minute b

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