Governor Eric Holcomb’s office has released the findings of a report assessing the curriculum, training standards, policies and practices of all state-level law enforcement agencies. In August 2020, the governor announced steps the state would take to address equity and inclusion among state agencies, including law enforcement.

The state commissioned Chicago-based Hillard Heintze, a division of a Jensen Hughes Co., to conduct an independent review. It focused on strengths and weaknesses, evaluations of community policing strategies and assessing training curriculum and strategies.

“I made a commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable environment for all Hoosiers to take part in and that commitment meant taking a critical look at our state’s law enforcement,” said Holcomb. “As the assessment progressed, the agencies initiated an implementation of some of the recommendations and are working toward reviewing and implementing the remaining items.”

Hillard Heintze spent the past year evaluating the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board, the Indiana State Police, among others.

Among the ISP recommendations that have been implemented:

  • Issuing body-worn cameras for all state troopers on the frontlines
  • Developing a strategic recruitment plan to accomplish recruiting and diversity goals
  • Implementing a nationally recognized system that tracks use-of-force incidents for review and analysis to improve training programs and early intervention.

Click here to view the Hillard Heintze report.