Mayor Joe Hogsett has announced the re-establishment of the Latino Advisory Council. The group will provide guidance on how the city can best support and uplift Indianapolis’ Latino community. With this council, the city hopes to bolster engagement and elevate the role Latinos play in making Indianapolis a safer, more welcoming, and more economically secure Indianapolis.

Beyond playing a supportive role in Mayor Hogsett’s efforts to serve the community, the council will act as a bridge between community members and local organizations such as those offering public safety, business, education and health resources. The council will work closely with Jordan Rodriguez, the Mayor’s Director of International & Latino Affairs. 

Members include:

• City-County Council Vice-President Zach Adamson
• Co-Chairs Carmen DeRusha and Marco Dominguez
• Angela Brito Silva
• Carlos Trincado
• Claudia White
• Charlie Garcia
• Guadalupe Pimentel
• Gustavo Escalante
• Jaime Flores
• Javier Barrera
• Karen Celestino-Horseman
• Mariana Torres
• Marlene Dotson
• Martha Pabon
• Miriam Acevedo
• Ricardo Diaz
• Judge Jose Salinas
• Virna Diaz

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