Indianapolis-based Eleven Fifty Academy is taking its coding bootcamp to Gary to help bolster the computing skills of the available workforce. Mayor Jerome Prince says the training, which is free of charge for residents, is part of an initiative called Advancing Tech in Gary.

The mayor says ATGARY is designed to lead to careers in high-paying tech sectors, such as cybersecurity.

“I can reimagine Gary becoming the top spot for new and existing technology companies, and that will mean great opportunities for a host of sustainable careers,” said Prince. “The ATGARY initiative will help our residents develop their own paths to tech careers.”

The city says the bootcamp will train over 100 Gary residents with no upfront costs to the students. Prince says the training is being paid for through grants from the state of Indiana and New York-based investment banking company JP Morgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM).

“Tech is a trade, and we bring the rocket fuel needed to bridge into transformative careers,” said Eleven Fifty founder and President Scott Jones.