Gary-based Sterling Energy Group Inc. says it has completed the purchase of a Montgomery County power plant. Sterling says it plans to explore the possibility of adding clean coal and other technology to make the former Crawfordsville Electric Light & Power complex a combined heat and power facility. December 31, 2013

News Release

GARY, Ind. – Sterling Energy Group, Inc., a green energy independent power producer, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Crawfordsville Energy, LLC, has today completed the purchase of a power plant in Crawfordsville, IN from Crawfordsville Electric Light & Power.

The Crawfordsville plant has existing coal fired capacity of 24.1 MW. This plant has infrastructure in place for added gas fired generation capacity. Sterling Energy Group, Inc. intends to evaluate the deployment of its clean coal technologies on existing units as well as adding combined cycle gas fired capacity and the addition of a steam loop to make the energy complex a combined heat and power (CHP) facility.

“We're delighted to have completed the purchase of the Crawfordsville facility and to have preserved the jobs in Indiana, while supplying the area with clean energy,” said William Harrington, President & CEO of Sterling Energy Group, Inc.

“We would like to thank Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton, Phil Goode, the manager of Crawfordsville Electric Light & Power, the Crawfordsville City Council, and the Utility Service Board for sharing in the vision of creating an energy park using green technologies while preserving and adding jobs. With job creation and green energy production as our core business, we intend to establish a center in the Midwest to support all of our power generating facilities and oil and gas production.”

Sterling currently has its corporate office located in Gary, IN with operations in Morgantown, KY, Niagara Falls, NY, and Crawfordsville, IN.

Sterling Energy Group, Inc. is a privately held energy company. Sterling owns and operates a pipeline, an oil and natural gas field, and independently produces electricity as an “exempt wholesale generator. Sterling chooses opportunities based on its ability to introduce its proprietary technologies to clean up emissions on existing facilities and the ability to utilize opportunity fuels that reduce carbon. This blended with combined heating and power through the use of steam loops where more conventional fuels are required is good for plant viability, creation and preservation of jobs, sustainable electricity at competitive prices, and improvement of the environment.

Source: Sterling Energy Group, Inc.

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