Mike Ferrell has been named ice arena manager for the Thunder Ice Arena at Trine University. He is a longtime Trine employee with years of experience in coaching and managing events and facilities.

In his new role, Ferrell oversees day-to-day operations of the arena. His responsibilities include supervising ice arena employees, including ice technicians and youth hockey staff; managing the budget for the facility; ensuring staff coverage of all events; scheduling ice time rental and coordinating with the Athletic Department for athletic events; assisting with and managing ticket sales; and ordering supplies for and maintaining concessions, the pro shop and skate rental.

A 30-year employee at Trine, Ferrell will continue to serve the university as director of events and conferences. During his five-year tenure in that position, the number of people using the events for camps and conferences has grown from about 1,200 to more than 3,700 each summer. In addition to Boys and Girls State programs, Trine University hosts football camps, band camps, a church camp, leadership camp, Indiana State Police Camp and several sports camps operated by the university’s athletic department.

Ferrell also previously served as soccer coach for Trine and worked in the alumni office.

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