Dr. John Wall, former vice president and chief technical officer at Cummins Inc., will receive the Thomas W. Zosel Individual Achievement Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It will be presented during a ceremony at the 2016 Clean Air Excellence Awards. An advocate for tough, clear and enforceable regulations worldwide, he has spent his career reducing commercial engine emissions. Among his accomplishments, Dr. Wall was involved in the development and implementation of technology leading to near-zero levels of emission of particulate matter and nitrogen oxide from both on and off-highway heavy-duty engines. He played a significant role in breakthrough clean air technologies including electronic high pressure fuel systems, cooled exhaust gas recirculation, wall-flow diesel particulate filters, selective catalytic reduction and more during his career. A champion of alternative fuel technology development, he has promoted the future development of renewable fuels, fuel cells and other advancements to help the world meet its energy and environmental challenges. Working with the industry and the EPA, Dr. Wall played a key role in advancing the landmark 2010 emissions standards, and he worked firsthand with EPA and multiple other stakeholders to establish the first commercial vehicle greenhouse gas and fuel consumption standards. He retired as CTO for Cummins Inc. in 2015.

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