Indianapolis-based EnviroForensics, an environmental engineering firm with offices in Wisconsin and Kentucky, has announced Jeff Carnahan (pictured) will succeed Nancy Shields as president. Carnahan will lead the company’s commitment to restoring environmentally impacted properties for the benefit of private and public customers.

As Executive Vice President, Carnahan has led EnviroForensics’ technical services on which past President, Nancy Shields, and CEO Steve Henshaw, built rapid sales growth over the last five years. The firm drives sales by finding the funding to pay for expensive costs of cleaning up its clients’ contaminated properties and turning environmental liabilities into assets. The company is best known for its strategic market approach, which addresses the liability of environmental exposure with historical and contemporary funding sources, and satisfies regulatory compliance with plans for adaptive re-use of affected sites.

Carnahan is an environmental expert in multiple fields and consults nation-wide regarding vapor intrusion, which occurs when the release of Volatile Organic Compounds in soil and groundwater cause vapors to seep into buildings exposing occupants to health risks. He shares the company’s passion for redeveloping and re-using contaminated properties.

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