WorkOne Northern Indiana is looking to grow a program designed to help residents 55 and older return to the work force. WorkOne's Senior Community Service Employment Program provides services ranging from employment counseling to paid training opportunities. The organization says the 55 and older population often excels in “soft skills” that are important to companies, such as communication and reliability.

March 16, 2015

News Release

South Bend, Ind. — Northern Indiana's community of men and women age 55 and older have acquired remarkable skills during their lives inside and outside workplaces, with many of them excelling in elements close to the hearts of today's regional employers: soft skills.

As employers know, some vital soft skills can be – and are – strengthened outside workplaces, such as interpersonal communication skills and being a reliable, punctual person. In addition, these are precisely the types of soft skills where the interests of regional employers dovetail with strong abilities of some Hoosiers age 55 and older who have been out-of-work for an extended period of time. And WorkOne has an active program that addresses exactly such a juncture where the interests of regional employers converge with those of older Hoosiers.


WorkOne's Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is interested in hearing from Northern Indiana residents age 55 and older who are low-income yet yearn to develop additional skills to secure fulfilling employment.

As noted, many of these folks have good, inherent soft skills. WorkOne, for its part, has dedicated staff members as well as up-to-date technology and resources to provide training services to help older, work-hunger residents of Region 2 become employment-ready and secure work in Northern Indiana.

Source: WorkOne

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