Indianapolis-based Invoke Learning says it has raised a round of seed funding, including investments from Indy-based Elevate Ventures and several angel investors. The company is not disclosing how much of an investment it received, but it did say the funding will allow it to grow sales and marketing efforts.

The company developed a predictive-analytics platform that helps schools identify students facing challenges, allowing educators and counselors to intervene. Invoke Learning uses a cloud-based artificial intelligence system to develop student insights using both academic and publicly available data.

The company says the technology allows the institution to provide specific solutions to help students. It pulls not only academic data and attendance records but can also pull data from social media.

“Invoke Learning helps higher-education institutions make better decisions by helping them make sense of the data they’re already collecting,” said Jacob Schpok, vice president of entrepreneurial services at Elevate Ventures. “This results in more enriching and successful educational experiences across the full student journey. Elevate Ventures is excited to be part of the change Invoke Learning is making.”

Co-founders Brendan Aldrich and Lige Hensley met while working at Ivy Tech Community College and launched Invoke Learning in 2018.