The Carroll County Economic Development Corp. says $31 million in capital investment and the first tenant at the 60-acre Hoosier Heartland Industrial Park are among the community's top accomplishments of 2014. In a report, the organization also detailed the county's quality-of-life, economic development and employment features. March 20, 2015

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DELPHI, Ind. (March 17, 2015) – Growth in industries, solid performance in the agricultural sector, the first tenant for a new industrial park and $31 million in capital investments are among the successes highlighted in a just-launched publication by Carroll County Economic Development called “Close Up, Keeping Our Eye on the Economy.”

“Because of our recent growth and projects on the horizon, 2015 is the dawn of a new era for us,” says Laura Walls, executive director of the nonprofit organization. “A number of factors, from the recently opened Hoosier Heartland Highway to the arrival of our newest industry, Next Day Container, signal continued vibrant activity.”

The county's new, 60-acre Hoosier Heartland Industrial Park will welcome its first tenant this year when the electric utility, Carroll White REMC, finishes its new building. Others are eyeing the site, Walls said, because it has been designated shovel-ready by the state and water and sewer lines have been extended to each lot.

“Carroll County has been working hard to create interest in our area, and it's paying off,” Walls said.

The “Close Up” report also highlights the strength and growth in agriculture, including recent expansions at Indiana Packers, which employs 2,000. And it showcases expansions in heritage tourism with the Delphi Opera House's $4.25 million restoration and addition and continued enhancements to the Wabash & Erie Canal Park and Interpretive Center.

“Our regional draw for tourism is increasing, which bodes well for restaurants and retailers,” Walls said.

A copy of the “Close Up” report is available here:

About Carroll County Economic Development Corp.

A nonprofit corporation, the Carroll County Economic Development Corp. is a proactive leader in a unified pursuit to provide a dynamic and prosperous economy for citizens and employers of Carroll County. Its offices are at 119 W. Franklin St., Delphi, Ind.

Source: Carroll County Economic Development Corp.

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