An initiative launched by the widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has awarded $2.5 million to Purdue Polytechnic High School in Indianapolis. XQ Super Schools, a program of the California-based XQ Institute, targets schools that serve as "key drivers for change" and aim to be more relevant, engaging and effective.

The organization says the five-year round of funding will help Purdue Polytechnic more rapidly hire faculty and develop curriculum for the upcoming school year. It will also support investment in technology, equipment and facilities.

XQ Institute Chief Executive Officer Russlynn Ali, who co-founded the initiative with Laurene Powell Jobs, says "we are so excited to welcome Purdue Polytechnic as one of our XQ Schools as they represent two critical innovations in high school redesign – blending K-12 and higher education partnerships and using design-based learning to prepare young people for careers in high-tech. Purdue Polytechnic is a prime example of how we can serve our highest needs learners and prepare them for higher education while simultaneously engaging them in all industries, including the growing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields."

Purdue Polytechnic is currently housed at The Union 525 incubator space in downtown Indianapolis as it awaits the completion of construction on its permanent space on the city’s east side. School Head Scott Bess says "XQ’s support furthers our ability to create a high school environment of academic excellence characterized by industry-focused experiential learning; mentors who nurture, guide and trust; and students who develop a natural thirst to learn in preparation for their lifelong journeys."

XQ Institute is supported by collaborators that include world-renowned musician Yo-Yo Ma and well-known entrepreneur Marc Ecko.