Earlham College is a liberal arts college located in Richmond. (photo courtesy: Earlham.edu)

Earlham College students will have new options as it expands offerings. The college says it is adding new majors in business and accounting, as well as four new computer science concentrations beginning in the fall of 2022.

Earlham says the four computer science concentrations include game design, cybersecurity, computing for the social good, and systems engineering and administration.

The college says a new business program, to include a business major and an accounting major, will replace the current global management program to offer more pertinent degree programs and coursework.

“Today’s students are particularly interested in these disciplines, and employers are looking for graduates with these skills — especially when they are embedded in a broad liberal arts education. Our students are driven to make the world a better place through their work, and we are excited to prepare the next generation of change-makers in business and computer science,” said President Anne Houtman.

Houtman says courses in game design, systems engineering and administration and cybersecurity will be added to the existing computer science program, with the computing for social good concentration being distinctive to Earlham.

“Globally, nationally and right here in Indiana, companies and organizations are looking for college graduates with the technical and data skills that these programs provide,” Houtman said. “It is particularly important for us to meet the needs of students and businesses in our own backyard.”

Earlham had previously added six new majors and two minors in the last two years.