An annual publication paints a picture of where the state stacks up with the rest of the nation in truck, rail, water and air transportation. The 2016 Indiana Logistics Directory shows Indiana ranks in the top five in more than two dozen categories.

The publication points to a total of 109 categories where Indiana is in the Top 10 nationally. Also showcased in the directory are assets like the three state ports, the second-largest FedEx Express hub in the world (located at Indianapolis International Airport) and 550 airports, heliports and seaplane bases. It covers the massive economic impact of manufacturing and other industry connected to various parts of the logistics sector.

Ports of Indiana Chief Executive Officer Rich Cooper says "we’re happy to provide this valuable resource to promote Indiana’s logistics sector. "Because access to reliable transportation modes and associated infrastructure is critical for all companies, the Directory can be a useful tool for executives looking for service providers and economic development officials advising new companies about the state’s vast logistics resources."

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