Purdue University's president is expanding on why he is not convinced the school should get involved in the debate over a proposed constitutional amendment on same-sex rights. In an interview with our partners at WBAA in West Lafayette, Mitch Daniels says he's not sure if an amendment would change anything, since the state has a law prohibiting same-sex marriage. He also says the university has an “outspokenly inclusive” attitude, making it “perfectly obvious” that Purdue is a “very tolerant place to work.” Daniels' comments follow this week's announcement that Indiana University is joining a coalition of employers in the state opposing the proposed amendment.

The Indy Chamber has also come out in against the proposal claiming it would hinder the business community's ability to attract top talent.

If passed by the General Assembly next year, voters would have the final say on the proposal in a general election.You can listen to the conversation with Daniels and WBAA News Director Mike Loizzo by clicking here.Source: WBAA

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