(photo courtesy: Cummins Inc)

The chief operating officer of Columbus-based powertrain maker Cummins Inc. (NYSE: CMI) witnessed the signing of the $1 trillion infrastructure bill Monday afternoon in a White House ceremony. While the spending bill focuses on improving the nation’s roads, bridges and ports, Jennifer Rumsey says the measure also puts money towards infrastructure in support of technology for decarbonization.

“Cummins really does see it as a positive move,” said Rumsey in an interview with Inside INdiana Business. “Investing in a range of different technologies that we think will be critical to building out infrastructure that can help our nation decarbonize.”

Rumsey says the infrastructure measure is an important step for the country and to help create a path toward zero emissions.

“The products that we sell go into a range of different commercial and industrial equipment. By making investments in some of these key infrastructure elements, it’s critical for our customers to start to move to lower carbon technologies,” explained Rumsey.

In recent years, the company has expanded its portfolio beyond the diesel engines that turned the Indiana-based manufacturer into a Fortune 500 company.

Last year, the company held its first-ever Hydrogen Day, an event to discuss the future of its hydrogen fuel technologies and the company’s plans to embrace the technology.

“We continue to invest in advancing the engine technology we have today, (such as) low carbon fuels, and zero emission-capable technologies like batteries and fuel cells,” said Rumsey. “Those technologies do not become a reality without a new infrastructure to support them.”

In an interview with Inside INdiana Business reporter Wes Mills, Rumsey explained why Cummins is committed to alternative power.