Crossroads YMCA in Crown Point and Franciscan Health Fitness Centers Schererville are collaborating to serve more families in northwest Indiana. The organizations say Franciscan Health Fitness Centers Schererville will transition into a Crossroads YMCA location by January.

The collaboration is expected to allow Franciscan Alliance to continue its focus on health and wellness through hospitals and medical offices.

“The partnership between Franciscan Alliance and the Crossroads YMCA is an example of two organizations with a shared mission of improving the health status of the communities we are privileged to serve,” said Franciscan Alliance President Kevin Leahy. “Franciscan’s medical facility adjacent to the fitness building will continue to serve its patients in the location and may be expanded in the future. We are thrilled that the expertise of our staff will remain in place, and our Schererville fitness center will continue to be a place for people to achieve their health and fitness goals as it transitions to the YMCA.”

Crossroads YMCA says the collaboration will help address an increasing need for access to affordable childcare, chronic disease prevention, and health and wellness initiatives.

“We feel grateful to work with Franciscan Health Fitness Centers Schererville, who we recognize as a longtime expert in health and wellness in Lake County,” said Jay Buckmaster, CEO of Crossroads YMCA. “Together, we will be better positioned to address a growing need for YMCA services, particularly among kids and families. We are committed to strengthening our communities by ensuring that everyone has access to the resources and support that will help them learn, grow, and thrive through this collaboration.”

Crossroads YMCA says it will be working closely with Franciscan Health Fitness Centers Schererville leaders, staff and members over the next 90 days to promote a smooth transition. Crossroads YMCA is also planning to build a new facility adjacent to the current Franciscan Health Fitness Centers Schererville and add programs and services to meet the needs of the community.