Local governments will be receiving their share of tens of millions of dollars in state road funding this month. The Association of Indiana Counties estimates nearly $130 million dollars has been allocated by the state for county road projects over the next two fiscal years. August 2, 2013

Statement From Association of Indiana Counties President Penny Lukenbill

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – After working extensively throughout this year with our state legislators, county officials across the state will see a much-needed increase in road funding. As a result of the General Assembly's action, county governments are expected to receive an estimated $65 million per fiscal year in additional state support to supplement county road funding. On behalf of the Association of Indiana Counties, I applaud the efforts and hard work of both the General Assembly and county officials to improve roads for our citizens. Counties will benefit from the increased road funding for the first time in their August state road funding distributions.

With the additional funding, counties will be able to fund a variety of essential projects needed for commercial development and traffic mitigation. Additionally, counties will be able to provide maintenance to many roadways that otherwise would have remained in disrepair. Quality roads save time, gas and vehicle repair costs for everyone who lives, works and travels in Indiana. Well-maintained roads and infrastructure are a major component of any job creation or economic development effort. By working together, taxpayers, local and state officials have provided additional resources to counties to ensure that Indiana has well-maintained roadways.

Additional funding for county roadways and projects is not the only benefit of the General Assembly's action. Cities and towns are expected to receive an approximate $32 million in new revenue, and the state will invest approximately $114 million in new money for state maintained roads each year. With the diligent work of the General Assembly, Hoosiers will see an increase in roadway funding across the state without a tax increase.

As President of the Association of Indiana Counties, I would like to thank all county officials and state legislators who helped accomplish this long sought goal of more state funding for roads. I would also like to thank Governor Pence for supporting this legislation by signing it into law. This funding will help counties begin reclaiming some of the roads that have fallen into severe disrepair and provide vast improvements in roadways across our state. Better roads will improve economic development, safety and quality of life in communities throughout Indiana.

About the AIC:

The Association of Indiana Counties, Inc. is a nonprofit organization established in 1957 for the betterment of county government. The various functions of the AIC include lobbying the Indiana General Assembly on behalf of counties, serving as liaison among counties, state and federal agencies as well as providing technical assistance and training to county officials and employees.

Source: Association of Indiana Counties

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