A $74 million plan to build a convention hotel in downtown Evansville has been approved by the city's economic development commission. City council is scheduled to vote on a key bond approval Monday. September 4, 2013

Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke's Statement on Economic Development Commission Approval

“Today, the Evansville Economic Development Commission (EEDC) voted unanimously in favor of a resolution that moves the proposed Downtown Convention Hotel Project forward and makes it possible for the Evansville City Council to consider an ordinance approving economic development revenue bonds to finance the project at the Council's Sept. 9 meeting. The EEDC is responsible for determining whether a proposed project will be of benefit to the health or general welfare of the city, according to Indiana code (IC 36-7-12-24), and reviews projects for possible detrimental effects. The EEDC Resolution and Report relating to the economic impact of the project is a necessary legal step prior to Council action to approve the issuance of bonds. Today's vote confirms the city's belief that the project will have a positive, tangible impact on the Downtown area. It’s a major project with significant private and public investments that will be transformational for our community.”

Source: Office of Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke

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