The Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development has launched a study to drive a strategic revitalization of the Castleton area. The city is seeking residents, visitors, employers and employees of the area to take an online survey in an effort to supplement that study with local perspectives.

The city says it has hired a team of “diverse consultants” analyze retail and market conditions, traffic patterns, adjacent planning efforts, recreational opportunities, infrastructure needs and public opinions. 

“We’re thrilled to start conversations about long term solutions with walkability, traffic flow, and new uses in the age of e-commerce,” said Emily Mack, the director of the Department of Metropolitan Development, in a news release. “The state of retail is evolving and it’s important that we start planning with neighbors and community stakeholders for how this area can be adapted.” 

The information gathered in the online surveys will impact the recommendations that come of the planning process for the area surrounding the Castleton Square Mall. 

Surveys will be open until June 30th and can be found by clicking here.