The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has been recognized in the inaugural World’s 50 Coolest Place of 2019 by TIME for Kids, a multimedia publication for school-age children. The list is a showcase of educational, innovative, and fun destinations tailored to the interests of kids.

“We are honored to have such a notable, global magazine recognize the world’s largest children’s museum with such a prestigious honor,” said Dr. Jeffrey Patchen, president and chief executive officer, The Children’s Museum.

TIME for Kids gathered nominations from its network of TFK Kid Reporters and from young readers around the world.

Here’s how the writer described the museum:

There are many children’s museums, but none are quite as amazing—or as expansive—as the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. After all, it’s the largest children’s museum in the world. Here, kids can learn about dinosaurs, ancient Greece, outer-space artifacts, and much more. In 2018, the museum opened the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience. It’s a 7.5-acre space where kids can play while learning about the history and culture of sports. Experts are on hand to coach young athletes. They can help them use their newfound skills in football, basketball, hockey, golf, car racing, and other sports. Kids can also sculpt their own sports figures or record a TV-ready sports broadcast.

Each nomination was evaluated on several factors, including quality, originality, sustainability, and accessibility.

“Our goal is to transform lives in positive ways, and we are thankful for this wonderful acknowledgment of the success of our work,” said Patchen.

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