A platform that uses mobile technology to deliver information about infant health won top honors in this year's Hoosier Healthcare Innovation Challenge. In addition to a cash prize, CreateIT Healthcare Solutions will receive multiple in-kind services and a sponsorship package for this week's Indiana Healthcare Symposium.

November 12, 2013

News Release

Indianapolis, Ind. — The Indy Chamber announced today that CreateIT Healthcare Solutions has received the Top Innovation of the Year Award for the second annual Hoosier Healthcare Innovation Challenge (HHIC).

The HHIC is a statewide competition that gives technology professionals the opportunity to solve some of the largest challenges facing healthcare, develop solutions in a collaborative environment, and launch new startup ventures. This year, CreateIT answered the call for a solution to help reduce the State's persistently high rate of infant mortality.

“The HHIC process is an amazing platform for launching a product and/or new company immediately onto the software stage,” said Jonathan Meade, President and Co-Founder of CreateIT. “The process of placing software developers and problem solvers right beside the people issuing the challenges with real-world problems that need to be solved is a wonderful opportunity.”

The pregnancy application challenge, presented by the Indiana State Department of Health, called for a technology-driven solution to provide important educational information on state programs available to expectant mothers and allow two-way communication between healthcare facilities and patients. The solution developed by CreateIT uses a mobile application, SMS text messaging, email, and automated voice calling to deliver educational articles and videos, baby status updates, and a calendar of localized community events and classes.

“This challenge brings together healthcare and technology professionals in an innovative and collaborative environment to create solutions to help reduce the high rate of infant mortality in Indiana,” said State Health Commissioner William VanNess, M.D. “Reducing infant mortality is a top priority of the Indiana State Department of Health. In 2011, Indiana experienced 7.7 deaths per 1,000 live births, sadly translating to 643 lives lost.”

The Top Innovation of the Year Award was selected from among the three winners of the challenges that were presented this past July. The other two challenge winners were:

• DeDupIt – DeDupIT's Continuity of Care Document (CCD) Merge and consolidation engine is designed to take CCD records from several different providers and merge the data into a single CCD record that can be delivered to an end user. Challenge submitted by the Indiana Health Information Exchange and Indiana Health Information Technology, Inc.

• MedDiary – MedDiary is a coordinated care plan system that tracks all of the medications, either prescribed or OTC, which a patient is currently taking or has recently taken. Challenge submitted by Indiana Health Information Technology Inc.

For submitting the top three solutions, CreateIT, DeDupIT and MedDiary were awarded cash prizes totaling $16,000 and in-kind assistance in the form of legal, regulatory, financial, and product development services valued at over $13,000. For taking top prize, CreateIT will also receive a sponsorship package for the Indiana Healthcare Symposium being held this week in Indianapolis.

In addition to addressing these challenges, the HHIC calls attention to a growing industry in Indianapolis: digital healthcare technology. Indianapolis is poised to lead the nation in digital health with leading life sciences companies headquartered here, a vibrant medical school community, top hospitals, and a buzzing digital technology industry.

“Indy has an ever-growing talent pool of young, innovative thinkers and we are proud to be a part of providing these professionals a platform that merges these two important industries and increases Indy's status as a leader in digital health,” said Michael Huber, President and CEO of the Indy Chamber.

The 2013 HHIC was sponsored by Develop Indy, a business unit of the Indy Chamber, TechPoint, Eli Lilly, Indiana Health Information Technology, Inc., Ice Miller LLP and Lodestone Logic. To learn more about this year's challenges and winners, visit www.hoosierchallenge.org.


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