Indianapolis-based EnerDel Inc. says additional work force cuts are a “responsible action” to keep the company competitive. Chief Executive Officer Dave Roberts believes the lithium-ion battery manufacturer is “on the cusp of some major breakthroughs,” and hopes the company can re-visit the reductions when market conditions improve. He also says EnerDel is having constructive conversations with the city on job creation numbers that were “aggressive and optimistic.” The company has been meeting with Indianapolis officials over tax abatement compliance.

Roberts is not revealing a specific number of recent cuts.

Parent company Ener1 emerged from bankruptcy in early 2012. It experienced problems after electric car maker Think Global declared bankruptcy. Ener1 held a minority stake in that company.

Roberts says he still believes Central Indiana is a good place for the company to grow. He says EnerDel has invested more than $100 million into the facility, and says the company has “no intention” of moving.

Roberts became CEO of EnerDel in June 2012. He joined the company in 2011 as deputy general counsel and chief IP counsel.

Source: EnerDel Inc.

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