Two Richmond-based casket businesses are announcing expansions. Vision Casket is upgrading its product line and intends to add 20 jobs. Paragon Casket Inc. plans to add manufacturing to existing distribution services and create 11 positions.

August 5, 2013

News Release

Richmond, Ind. — Paragon Casket, Inc., a national distributor for several casket companies, will receive a total of $30,000 in an Economic Development Income Tax (EDIT) Grant from the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) of Wayne County, Indiana. Paragon Casket, located at 1763 Sheridan Street in Richmond, is purchasing Romark Industries, Inc. Romark is a manufacturer of custom steel caskets in Richmond, located at 1751 South 8th Street. Paragon Casket will use the EDIT funds to purchase new equipment and provide training for employees. The purchase of Romark Industries will allow Paragon to add casket manufacturing to their existing distribution business.

The project will create 11 new jobs and retain 29 existing jobs between the two companies. Paragon Casket plans to have the equipment purchased and installed by January of 2015 and be fully staffed by 2016 with an average hourly wage of $19.48 an hour. Paragon Casket President, Lenny Ball says he will be able to utilize several casket company suppliers in Wayne County including J. M. Hutton, Tiedeman-Bevs and Vandor through this expansion project. “Richmond, Indiana is a hub of casket manufacturing for the entire United States. Most of the parts suppliers are local to this area and will benefit from our growth.” The request for EDIT funds will now go before the Wayne County Commissioners for their consideration.

About Paragon Caskets, Inc.

Paragon Caskets is a distributor for several casket companies. Those companies include: Alliance-St. Laurent, Astral, Matthews, McCord, Paul, PBF Manufacturing, Romark, Sauder and Verplank. In its current capacity, Paragon does not manufacture caskets. With the purchase of Romark Industries, Inc. Paragon will become a manufacturer of custom caskets targeting customers in a 100 mile radius of Richmond, as well as maintaining their nation-wide distributorship. About Romark Industries, Inc.

Romark Industries, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business which began in 1984. The company manufactures custom caskets in a variety of styles and finishes as well as custom color or color combinations. They offer a wide variety of interiors including crepes, satins and velvets in a wide variety of colors, as well as embroidered panels.

Since January of 2009, the EDC of Wayne County through its EDIT fund has assisted 31 businesses in their commitment to the retention and creation of over 980 jobs. These projects have resulted in over $164 million in new, private investment in Wayne County. The county’s consolidated EDIT fund comes from funding provided by partnering towns in Wayne County who have agreed to provide half of their EDIT proceeds yearly for county-wide economic development. Partners in county-wide economic development currently include the towns of Cambridge City, Centerville, Economy, Hagerstown, Milton, Richmond and Wayne County.

Source: Economic Development Corporation of Wayne County, Indiana

August 5, 2013

News Release

RICHMOND, Ind. – Vision Casket (a division of Vandor Corporation) announces major product line and plant expansions. Vision Casket brand was created in 2011 and sold a limited line of engineered wood veneer caskets to wholesale casket distribution companies nationwide. On August 19th, the expanded Vision line will include a modernized full line of economical cloth covered burial and cremation caskets. Vision Caskets will be available to funeral homes through a nationwide network of funeral supply distribution companies.

“The expansion will occupy nearly 50,000 sq. ft. of updated manufacturing space and include the hiring of 20 new co-workers. Along with the Vision Casket expansion, we are also experiencing significant growth in our Vandor plastics division which is also located in Richmond,” said President Gerald Davis.

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Source: Vision Casket

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