A small healthcare products company based in Carmel, started in the founder’s kitchen, is continuing to grow its lineup of organic creams and ointments. Dr. Doug’s Balms was launched about five years ago by Dr. Doug Strobel, a neurologist in Indianapolis. While neurology is his professional calling, it was his hobby as an endurance athlete that led to the discovery of his skincare company.

In an interview with Business of Health reporter Kylie Veleta, Strobel shared his recipe for success.

“I wanted a product that I could just put in my pocket. And it would solve more than one problem instead of juggling four or five different things,” said Strobel. “I come from this family of farmers [with] things laying around that you just don’t throw away. I had beeswax and coconut oil, and I had olive oils. I mixed those together. And it was very good.”

While stirring the first mixture in his home kitchen, Strobel also added fragrances, including peppermint and lavender oils. While the company emphasizes its organically certified ingredients, Strobel also points out they are food grade.

“It made us truly unique, and we actually have taste tests for all of our ingredients. And you can tell the difference between the basil, beeswax, “A” and beeswax “B,” said Strobel.

His original products treated chafing and blistering. Since then, the products have grown to include eczema, joint pain, and migraines,

“The coconut oil has an anti-viral anti-bacterial quality. The lavender oil is very natural, it’s soothing. It helps with headache and helps people sleep. It’s also a natural bug repellent. The peppermint oil had helps with vascularity and soreness. And so, everything is very purpose driven.”

As a growing number of consumers seek to learn the source of their products, Strobel says his company strives to source as many of its ingredients locally. The products themselves are still made in Carmel, but no longer in Strobel’s home.

“Thank goodness,” added Strobel. “We’re very Mom and Pop and very homegrown. And we love the fact that we’re just up the road from so many of our customers.”

Strobel says at his age, he can no longer run fast, leading him to endurance events. And like his exercise regimen, Strobel says his company is in it for the long haul.