A website focusing on quality of life in U.S. communities has named Carmel one of its 2014 Top 10 Best Cities For Kids. Livability.com cited the city's highly-rated schools and kid-friendly amenities.

May 19, 2014

News Release

Carmel, Ind. — It’s only natural for parents to want what’s best for their kids and offer them every possible advantage. With this in mind, Livability.com has named Carmel a Top 10 Best City for Kids, 2014. Carmel not only offers great schools, playgrounds and low crime rates, it also gives children opportunities to live healthy lifestyles and engage in a multitude of activities with other kids.

For this list of cities, editors first identified cities with high concentrations of school-age children, then took a look at how their schools stacked up and analyzed factors like childhood mortality rates, health insurance coverage, crime rates and the percentage of restaurants that feature kids’ menus.

Also taken into account were the number of parks, playgrounds, libraries and recreational venues geared specifically for children, as well as the availability of great options for parents.

“Having kids and when those kids start school are two of those key moments in a person’s life when they consider relocation,” says Livability.com Editor Matt Carmichael. “These cities and towns have a compelling story to tell about why they should move to the top of the list for young families.”

Carmel, Ind., has highly-rated schools, a low crime rate, environmentally-friendly city leaders and a large percentage of restaurants that cater to kids. Thanks to more than 500 acres of parkland, walking trails and bike paths, as well as various entertainment options, kids will never be short on fun activities. With the revival of the city's downtown, rejuvenated older neighborhoods and lower-than-national-average home prices, there’s something for parents to be excited about, too.

Top 10 Best Cities for Kids, 2014

1. Boise, ID

2. Downers Grove, IL

3. Overland Park, KS

4. Cedar Rapids, IA

5. Plano, TX

6. Carmel, IN

7. Brentwood, TN

8. Palo Alto, CA

9. Royal Oak, MI

10. Newton, MA

Source: Livability.com

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