A nearly century-old Martinsville family business is set to reopen Friday after exterior renovations revealed major building damage. The Martinsville Candy Kitchen, well-known for its candy canes, closed last month after foundation and floor issues cropped up during work associated with the city's Main Street Revitalization Program. A temporary entry is being opened on the side of the building to accommodate customers while the main entrance is shored-up.

September 9, 2014

News Release

MARTINSVILLE, Ind. – Work at 46 N Main St., home of the iconic, 95-year-old Martinsville Candy Kitchen, as part of the Main Street Revitalization Program fa?ade improvement project has revealed structural issues with the building. Stabilization is underway and plans have been developed for repairs that will be completed as quickly as possible.

The building has been home to the Martinsville Candy Kitchen since 2007. The Candy Kitchen has been temporarily closed for the past 10 days. Owners John and Pam Badger are extremely anxious about the impact on the business, especially since they are heading into their busiest and most crucial period of the year. Every effort is being made to reopen the store as soon as possible.

Hints of trouble with the building appeared when the awning was removed to reveal a noticeable droop in the steel lintel between the storefront and upper fa?ade. Removal of brick knee walls at the storefront exposed a gap between the storefront and sidewalk.

A majority of the front wall concerns can be attributed to deteriorated foundation walls and floor joists. Two previous storefront remodels dating to as many as 100-120 years ago created a deeply recessed entrance that compromised the original interior wood floor and joists. Over the years, exposure to exterior weather conditions has further caused damage. Additionally, at some time, it is believed key supports were removed at the sidewalk edge. These conditions have caused the storefront to slowly settle over time. The upper building wall developed a bow that became clearly visible through the renovation.

Renovation of the building will continue as soon as the modified plans are approved and materials are on site. A project contingency fund was established for unforeseen situations such as this and will be used to defray costs where possible.

The Badgers and their staff look forward to a grand re-opening and plan to return to serving the Martinsville community, visitors, and distant friends and customers as soon as possible.

Source: Martinsville Chamber of Commerce, The Martinsville Candy Kitchen Facebook Page

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