Competition is fierce at the 2022 Indiana VEX Robotics State Championship. (photo courtesy: Techpoint Foundation for Youth)

TechPoint Foundation for Youth has begun a campaign to expand its after-school State Robotics Initiative into classrooms to encourage an extra 1,000 Hoosier girls and children of color toward careers in tech. The foundation says SRI is its largest program, with 24,000 students participating.

The program is designed to increase K-12 students’ interest in STEM subjects. Nine schools are currently using the foundation’s classroom robotics curriculum, VEX GO.

SRI is currently offered in elementary, middle and high schools and community centers around the state. The foundation says the program culminates with the largest VEX Robotics state championship in the country with over 270 teams competing at Lucas Oil Stadium.

“We hope to launch the VEX GO program in an additional 10 schools in the coming year as a direct result of Mira gala fundraising,” said Foundation President George Giltner.

Giltner says additional funding is required to meet the goal and will outline the potential success of the program at TechPoint’s annual Mira Awards on April 23. Giltner says he will seek a donation of $17,500 from the “Best of Indiana tech” crowd.

“Bringing VEX GO into the classroom will let every student experience STEM Education through the robotics curriculum, rather than just those who self-select to join a robotics team,” said Jamie Inskeep, the Foundation’s director of programs. “It will help girls and students of color gain confidence and competence in STEM fields and let them see themselves working in STEM careers.”

Donations can be made in advance of the awards event by clicking here.