A new competition from Indiana’s life sciences initiative aims to serve as a catalyst for new solutions to improve patient outcomes. BioCrossroads has launched the Indiana Inject Tech Challenge, which seeks to "build upon accelerating convergence between the local life sciences and technology ecosystems."

BioCrossroads says the target goals for the competition include increased adherence and compliance to treatment, increased and improved access to clinicians and clinical trials, and the merging of complementary, but often disconnected data sets.

The competition is accepting entries through September 4. BioCrossroads says the entries must address one of four challenge statements:

  1. Digital health and mobile medical solutions for measuring/monitoring/treating disease progression in chronic pain conditions, prediabetes/diabetes, and/or diabetic complications through novel endpoints.
  2. Identify a portable and fungible (across electronic health record data systems) solution to engage healthcare providers, enabling and incentivizing referrals (using workflow management and compensation features) into clinical research. Projects aligned to diabetes, pain, and/or autoimmune diseases will be prioritized.
  3. Innovative, total support system/model to enable clinical trial participation of diverse populations.
  4. A solution to transform and merge “omics” data and clinical data through advanced analytics and machine-learning to enable a new level of data interoperability, accessibility, and security.

The winners will be announced during the 2018 Indiana Life Sciences Summit in October. You can learn more about the competition by clicking here.