The Battery Innovation Center at the Westgate @ Crane Tech Park is seeking partners on a $1 million wind and solar energy storage project. The work involves battery and inverter hardware and software for a micro-grid laboratory. April 14, 2015

News Release

CRANE, Ind. – On March 30, 2015, Battery Innovation Center announced that it has been selected as the recipient of a grant from Duke Energy through the Indiana OUCC to establish a microgrid lab at our facility in Westgate @ Crane Tech Park. The purpose of the project is to “address the lack of development of algorithms and controls to aggregate distributed energy storage with distributed generation.”

The general use will be directed to purchasing a number of different pieces of grid hardware and for development of a BMS.

We are now looking for interested and qualified vendors for the battery and inverter hardware along with control software items needed to make this micro-grid lab a reality. Specifically, we have been tasked with:

1. 200kW AC grid simulator

Ideal simulator will be/have:

Capable of single/split, and three phase operation

UL 1741 certified

Programmable to 50-120% of rated line voltage

Programmable for 57-60.5 Hz operation

Both Voltage and Frequency programmable for ramp and step function

Independent phase control for each line

Regenerative capability

RS-232/LAN communication (CAN is a plus)

2. Two (2) – 10kWh+ Energy Storage Systems (ESS) (2 x Residential Systems

Example System:

~2.5-5kW Inverter

220V Single Phase

UL Certified/Compliant

Battery Type is open

Renewable compatible (Solar/Wind)

3. Three (3) – 25-50kWh+ ESS (1x Community System and 2x School Systems)

Example System:

~10-25kW Inverter

480V Three Phase

UL Certified/Compliant

Battery Type is open

Renewable compatible (Solar/Wind)

We are also interested in talking to vendors of renewable energy equipment suitable for supporting a microgrid, such as wind, solar, and biomass vendors.

This is a large showcase opportunity, with projects in multiple applications and we hope you will join Duke Energy and the BIC in making this high-profile project a success.

Please contact Ben Wrightsman at or by phone 317-331-1197 to indicate your interest with a short description of your proposed involvement.

Source: The Battery Innovation Center

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