(stock image courtesy: Pexels/Vojtech Okenka)

Fishers-based HubStaff tops the inaugural list of “Best Fully Remote Places to Work,” according to a ranking developed by Indianapolis-based Tmap and its MakeMyMove platform. Hubstaff is a workforce and project management platform with more than 90 remote workers in 28 countries.

MakeMyMove matches remote workers to the cities and towns that are incentivizing their relocations.

“With no offices to go in to, these employers are singularly focused on providing the best quality of experience for their remote talent. They’re ahead of the curve in cultivating community among fully dispersed teams, which we know is important to the remote workers’ quality of life,” said MakeMyMove co-founder Evan Hock.

To develop the list, MakeMyMove used a variety of “Best Employers” lists and websites, such as Glassdoor.com, to research worker sentiment about their employer.

Hock says the companies are not just hiring remote positions, but they are fully remote. In many cases, the newer companies started remote, even before the pandemic, and remained that way.

MakeMyMove says a growing number of workers are seeking remote jobs, which offers greater work flexibility. The companies on the list say workers are more likely to stick around when they have remote work privileges.

“Having the freedom to choose where you live is a life-changing benefit, but these companies don’t stop there: their benefits packages are designed specifically for distributed teams and ensure workers get what they need to thrive both on and off-the-clock,” said Hock.

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