Berry Global Group is a Fortune 500 company based in Evansville. (photo provided)

Evansville-based Berry Global Group Inc. (NYSE: BERY) is continuing to grow its access to recycled materials to be used in the plastic products it manufactures. The company says it has inked a deal with Florida-based PureCycle to source its advanced recycled resin as demand for more sustainable products grows.

Berry makes a wide variety of packaging, protection, specialty nonwoven, and adhesive products, among others, for customers in multiple industries.

The company says with the agreement, it now has access to more than 600 million pounds of recycled plastic per year by 2025.

“Customers look to Berry for unique ways to meet their ambitious sustainability goals. Through our access to advanced recycled resin and technical expertise, Berry is a dependable partner for customers in the implementation of sustainable solutions,” said Tom Salmon, Berry’s Chairman and CEO. “By using our relationships with top suppliers and the latest technologies, we bring our customers premier access to in-demand circular resins.”

Berry says the recycling process used by PureCycle separates color, odor and contaminants from plastic waste feedstock and transforms it into ultra-pure recycled polypropylene.

The company says the PureCycle material will be supplied to Berry in the summer of 2023.

Last month, Berry announced a similar deal with Texas-based plastics firm LyondellBasell to source recycled plastic material that will be used in new clear cups that are being manufactured for the Wendy’s (Nasdaq: WEN) fast food restaurant chain.