Anderson Mayor Kevin Smith says a gathering featuring more than a dozen area manufacturers further underscores the need for more collaboration among employers and educators. He says participants at the Manufacturers' Roundtable see an “exciting growth period” ahead and it's the city's job to make sure a ready work force is available to meet demand. Smith says within the last nine months, local schools have begun implementing lessons that reflect the logistics, safety and technology skills required for high-demand positions. January 26, 2015

Excerpt From Mayor Kevin Smith's “Meat and Potatoes” Newsletter

ANDERSON, Ind. – Mayor Kevin Smith and city leaders met with the Manufacturers' Roundtable this week at City Hall. The group, initiated and organized by the City of Anderson in 2014, is comprised of 15 manufacturing companies located here in Anderson. Their focus is to communicate their educational and training needs of employees to Anderson-area educators.

This type of transparent discussion will provide Anderson students elite preparation for local employment opportunities, strengthen our workforce, and enhance local companies.

Not only does the Manufacturer's Roundtable collaborate with local educational institutions, but also many members of the group are involved in Conexus Indiana. Conexus offers customized training and yields qualified candidates for high-demand positions. Conexus provides a curriculum and prepares students for high tech manufacturing careers.

The program exposes students to advanced manufacturing and logistics industries, while administering instruction and guidance.

Manufacturing is changing. Anderson is home to high tech innovations and modern productivity. Industry change requires educational adaptation. A four-year degree is not the only path to a successful career. Factories are no longer the dark, dank places of the past. Modern manufacturing plants are filled with robots and complex machinery requiring highly skilled, highly paid workers. These workers now have the opportunity to be trained right here in Anderson and build relationships with employers in their field.

The City of Anderson continues to foster industry and educational relationships to provide our students with tailored training and focused skills.

Sources: The City of Anderson and Mayor Kevin Smith's “Meat and Potatoes” Newsletter

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