Alexandra Liggins has been named a 2017 Women of Color STEM Award Winner. She is co-founder of the South Bend Code School. Liggins received the award at the national Women of Color STEM conference in Detroit. The conference aims to address the need for retention and recognition of women in STEM jobs and best practices in diversity and inclusion. Liggins received the award in the "Corporate Promotion of Education" category and shared the stage with recipients from the likes of Boeing, Raytheon and NASA.

She is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and co-founded South Bend Code School in 2015 after discerning an interest in entrepreneurship and career and college preparation for underrepresented minority students. Liggins has been instrumental in building the company from the ground up and more than 200 students in northern Indiana and Michigan have completed the school’s formal program and more than 600 students have been reached through its expanded outreach efforts. Since its founding, students educated by South Bend Code School have been 47 percent female and 56 percent under-represented, minority students.

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