An Indianapolis-based company specializing in the use of human voice for its artificial intelligence platform has raised $700,000 in seed funding to further expand its business. received support from Elevate Ventures and four other investors through The Angel Roundtable.

ART is a group of entrepreneurs, investors and other business leaders who supports startup companies and innovative entrepreneurs.

“We are pleased that Elevate Ventures is joining us in our support of and are excited about the company’s management, and their ability to visualize and execute the development of cutting-edge AI solutions for the supply chain and ancillary markets,” said Tony Lettich, Managing Director of ART. was founded in 2017. The founders saw an opportunity to make data more accessible for businesses using conversational insights. The company’s platform uses natural language processing and machine learning to converge the distance between humans and machines.

The company says its personal assistant, Athena, understands natural language and allows the user to quickly get information through conversation.