ExpresSEED detects genetically modified seeds. (image courtesy: NanoBio Designs LLC)

The Purdue University Ag-Celerator program is investing $100,000 into agtech startup NanoBio Designs LLC, which has developed a genetic detection system for grain distributors and seed suppliers. The company says the technology is able to reduce genetic testing of seeds from days into minutes.

NanoBio says because of growing regulatory oversight to label genetically modified foods, grain sellers must be able to verify if grain was grown from GMO seed.

Ryan Skaar, chief operating officer of NanoBio Designs, says the funding allows NanoBio Designs to establish its laboratory presence in Indiana.

“With an established lab presence, we will be able to more effectively collaborate with Purdue University,” said Skaar. “Collaborations with Purdue and industry partners will be key to our ability to commercialize the ExpresSeed platform.”

Created in 2015, Ag-Celerator is a $2 million innovation fund designed to provide critical startup support for Purdue University innovators who bring Purdue patented intellectual property to market. The fund is operated by the Purdue Foundry.

Ryan Skaar is chief operating officer of NanoBio Designs LLC. (photo provided)