Indianapolis-based AES Indiana is partnering with Motor, both subsidiaries of Virginia-based AES Corp. (NYSE: AES), in an effort to spur electric car adoption. AES say the partnership will help make charging electric cars faster and more affordable.

When customers get their electric car, AES says Motor can help users through the installation of home charging equipment.

“We continue to accelerate efforts to deliver reliable, greener, and smarter energy solutions for our customers that allow them to meet their sustainability objectives,” said Kristina Lund, president of AES Indiana. “This partnership with Motor provides a broad array of grid, economic and environmental benefits and is an innovative approach toward electrifying transportation, while creating benefits for all customers, even if they do not drive an electric car.”

AES Indiana’s plan, which was filed with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission on Tuesday, requests approval of a new electric car charging rate. The company says the rate would encourage broader adoption without the need to build additional infrastructure.

“We are excited to partner with AES Indiana to accelerate electric car adoption by providing a simplified customer experience. Motor facilitates the expanded use of electric cars in a way that helps utilities keep the transition affordable for all customers and benefits reliability on the grid,” said Praveen Kathpal, president of Motor. “People love driving today’s latest electric car models because they are quick, quiet and comfortable. Motor makes it easier than ever to choose an electric car that fits your lifestyle from the convenience of your phone.”

The partners say they want to speed up adoption of electric cars by “providing services that improve the end-to-end experience of electric car adoption for customers.” Through a digital platform, AES Indiana and Motor plan to simplify the electric car adoption process for customers.