Nonprofit ACRES Land Trust came through in a pinch to recently purchase a high priority conservation area near Elkhart Bog Nature Preserve. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Nature Preserves asked ACRES to buy the land at auction to save the 25 acres near the nature preserve from development. DNR says the land had been a high priority for 30 years when it unexpectedly was put up for auction and the agency had only two weeks to secure funding. ACRES used their dedicated acquisition fund and will be reimbursed by DNR with funds from the President Benjamin Harrison Conservation Trust Fund.

“ACRES’ swift support for the Elkhart Bog helps Hoosiers keep their natural heritage safe” says John Bacone, director, Division of Nature Preserves, Indiana Department of Natural Resources. “We can say with certainty this land was at risk of development and we’re grateful to be able to rely on ACRES.”

The DNR owns 166 acres of the Elkhart Bog, which is surrounded by 242 acres of protected private land. The 25 acres purchased by the land trust encloses the bog and allows for dry land for nesting turtles. Future plans call for a boardwalk to allow visitors to enjoy several rare plants and animals living in the currently closed bog.