Velocity Indiana has announced its second class of startups. The southern Indiana business accelerator will work with companies including a motorcycle safety device manufacturer and a web platform to help grooms with wedding needs.

December 23, 2013

News Release

Jeffersonville, Ind. — Velocity Indiana ( announces its second class of five companies for their winter startup accelerator session. Tony Schy, Managing Director of Velocity Indiana, an entrepreneur center focused on developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem through education and programming initiatives; officially announced Velocity’s second class of five:

GearBrake provides motorcyclists the reassurance that other drivers will be able to see them in time to avoid a rear-end collision. Motorcycles are able to rapidly slow down without using the brakes by downshifting and engine braking. While this is extremely effective in slowing down the bike, it does not light the brake lights to warn other drivers. GearBrake can sense the deceleration from slowing down and automatically flashes the brake lights when downshifting, engine braking or standard braking, which has been proven to increase reaction times and reduce rear-end collisions.

Million Dollar Scholar uses a scalable web platform that can deliver educational content and services to student users remotely and on-demand. Million Dollar Scholar aims to become the first open, online course focusing on scholarship success and awareness tailored to target students in high school and college. Our business model will incorporate the creation of scholarships through reinvestment in future student users. Using this model, MDS represents an innovation in that it has the potential to generate outsized impacts in education outcomes, education finance, urban development, job creation, and poverty alleviation at the same time.

NurseVersity is comprised of critical components of an interactive self-learning and educational system that dramatically increases an individual's potential for successfully completing professional credentialing boards and exams, such as the NCLEX for nursing. At the core of the product is a proprietary algorithm that utilizes psychometric measurements from each interaction to refine further specific study content, and provide predictive success values at critical intervals. Essentially, the study experience constantly assesses the probability of success of the individual, and then dynamically adapts further study to increase that probability with the needed knowledge gain. This not only helps the customer see which topics they need the most study, but it also helps them plan their study time to feel comfortable with those topics and further insure their success.

GroomHQ is a web platform dedicated to fulfilling grooms' wedding needs. With a special focus on simplicity, cost savings and convenience, our personalized dashboard is tailored for a quality user experience. GroomHQ is a management tool designed to keep the groom in control, the wedding party on task and on time and most importantly keep his fianc?e happy.

Drifter Events is a sports event company specialized in organizing fun, off the wall events. We host a myriad of events across the U.S. that focus on entertainment, adventure racing and endurance sports. We love inventing, creating, promoting, and launching fun events for active people (on foot and on bikes!) across the country, including the Urban Bike Adventure; Derby City Run Club; The Ugly Sweater Ride; and The Great American Chase. We enjoy being a little weird while dreaming up ways to show off local communities and charities.

On Monday, January 6th these five early-stage companies will enter an intense, 100-day program located at 400 Missouri Avenue, Water Tower Square in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Velocity's accelerator program is based on “Lean Startup” principles that promote a customer development process, forcing startup founders to rapidly validate assumptions by aggressively seeking feedback from potential customers. The program includes mentorship from 80 great mentors, office and meeting space and $20,000 in seed capital through anchor funding provided by Jeffersonville, IN-based Ogle Foundation and New Albany, IN-based Blue Sky Foundation.

Velocity Indiana is a 501c3 (pending IRS determination) not-for-profit leadership organization that drives initiatives designed to enhance the image of Southern Indiana as a dynamic and focus-driven place for entrepreneurs and their new ventures. Velocity’s flagship educational program is a ‘Business Accelerator’ that attracts, funds and mentors up to ten young companies per year over a 6-month period. The founders of these companies may be college students, corporate employees, or individuals.

Source: Velocity Indiana

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