A northeast Indiana entrepreneur has tapped into her advanced manufacturing background to launch a unique jewelry business. Layers By Design LLC features pieces crafted by three-dimensional printing technology. Jessica Hunnicutt says she creates designs using computer-aided design software, then works with a New York company to print the finished products with materials such as plastics, resins, stainless steel, gold and ceramics. April 6, 2015

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MARKLE, Ind. – A Markle mechanical engineer and jewelry maker recently launched Layers By Design, LLC, to offer her unique jewelry designs made by three-dimensional (3D) printing machines. Jessica Hunnicutt is offering her 3D jewelry through the firm's website, www.LayersByDesign.com, and by special order. Layers By Design offers a variety of styles and materials so that consumers can customize the jewelry as they like. Necklace pendants, earrings and rings are the principle types of 3D jewelry sold by the firm.

Layers By Design utilizes high-quality, 3D printing machines from companies such as Shapeways, based in New York City. After Hunnicutt drafts one of her jewelry designs in computer-aided design (CAD) software, she places an order with a hosting 3D printing company, specifying the material to be used and the quantities desired. Material selections are constantly expanding, according to Hunnicutt, and range from strong and flexible plastics and resins in a variety of colors and finishes, to stainless steels, brass, bronze, silver, gold, platinum and ceramics.

“Layers By Design offers many different styles and materials to make products as custom as you like,” Hunnicutt said. From nature-inspired to modern or classic designs, the firm is constantly expanding its selections that can be ordered in the finish of your choice. Current design collections include art deco, modern inspirations, nature's treasurers, timeless classics and quilting, which emulates different quilting patterns. If customers do not find exactly what they are looking for on the Layers By Design website, they can work with Hunnicutt on a custom creation.

“Putting 3D printing technology into the hands of consumers was previously thought to be uneconomical,” according to Hunnicutt. “Now, with the expansion and increasing quality of additive manufacturing, a final product can be printed for 'ready-to-use' purposes. That's where Layers By Design comes in. I draft and design products that are compatible with 3D printing… designs from everyday inspirations to individual customer requests. Where else can you take an idea and print it into reality? The possibilities are truly endless.” Prices, which vary by design and material used, start at just $6.25 for a pendant made of strong plastic.

Hunnicutt is a client of the Northeast ISBDC, where she has taken small business workshops and received advice or assistance with marketing and start-up procedures. For more information on Layers By Design, e-mail info@LayersByDesign.com, or visit the website, www.LayersByDesign.com. To learn more about the services of the NE-ISBDC, visit www.isbdc.org or call 260-481-0500.

Source: Northeast Indiana Small Business Development Center

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