(rendering courtesy of the Daviess County Economic Development Corp.)

Jasper-based Kerstiens Development Inc. is proposing an $11 million housing development in the Daviess County town of Washington. Daviess County Economic Development Corp. Director Bryant Niehoff says the development, as well as additional projects, “reflect a robust strategic trend emerging for new housing developments in Daviess County.”

The proposed 11-acre development includes construction on a mix of single-family homes, condominiums, and market rate apartments.

“The active projects being considered by Kerstiens Development, RJ Community Builders, J&L Home Center, Reinbrecht Homes and others on the Washington Plan Commission agenda clearly represent a positive trend in developer interest in building market rate apartments and new homes,” said Niehoff. “As confirmed in the ROI Indiana Uplands housing study, the development of new housing projects like this are critical to help attract a high-quality workforce to augment our solid foundation of major established and growing businesses in Daviess County.”

Earlier this year, Gibson County-based Simplified Developments LLC announced plans for a $14.5 million project to build more than 140 apartment units on the east side of the city of Washington. The newly-proposed development would also be located on the east side of the city.

“Like Dubois County, Daviess County represents a very strong job market,” said Ruger Kerstiens, vice president of Kerstiens Development Inc. “Daviess County is truly set up for growth and we see great opportunities to be part of Washington’s strong future.”

The developer says it will finalize the final number of apartments, condominiums, and homes to be built after it receives approval on a rezoning request. The single-family homes with lots are expected to cost $225,000-$275,000.

Additional details for the development are expected to be released as plans are finalized.