Business is Gouda For Indiana Cheesemaker


A northern Indiana environmental technology company is finding success in diversifying and taking advantage of the growing "farm to fork" movement. Rochester-based RapidView LLC has opened the Schnabeltier creamery and winery in Fulton County. Vice President of Sales and Marketing Matthew Sutton says the company's cheese-making equipment and cultures come from Europe, but the milk comes from northern Indiana, where "some of the best milk in the country" is made.

During an interview on this weekend's edition of Inside INdiana Business Television, Sutton said another goal of the effort is to attract people to Fulton County. Sutton says Schnabeltier's founders had traveled to Europe multiple times for business and leisure, and wanted to "bring the flavor" back to Fulton County. "Schnabeltier" is the German word for platypus. The company says the name comes from the daughter of a member of the management team who collected stuffed platypuses and wanted her parents to bring one back from Germany.

Sutton says the company has been able to thrive in Indiana because the state is "very pro-wineries." He says consumers are also showing a growing interest in fresh, locally-produced food.

RapidView was founded in 1991 as R&R Visual. The company is a supplier of sewer pipeline maintenance products.

Source: Inside INdiana Business